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Staff Appreciation: Building relationships with “CIA”

Staff Appreciation Breakfast at Cody DIT

Staff Appreciation Breakfast at Cody DIT

In City Year we have a saying: “Build every relationship with ‘CIA’—Communication, Involvement, and Appreciation.” Appreciation is a big part of City Year culture, a big part which we extend to our partnerships with schools to help build strong working relationships.

In October, each of the academies in Cody High School were shown City Year’s appreciation for their hard work. APL, DIT, and MCH staff each had separate events planned by the Corps Members (CMs) working within their school. The City Year CMs working with the academies at Cody recognize that working in a school is often a thankless job and because of that City Year spent much of their time reaching out into the community to find ways to make sure the staff members in  the Cody building know that they are appreciated. All together the corps members raised more than $1800 from businesses in the area including Starbucks, Chipotle, Subway, Buffalo Wild Wings, Whole Foods, The Bagel Factory, Dunkin’ Donuts, Dutch Girl Donuts, Better Made, B &E Landscaping, Best Buy, Auto Zone, Target, Uptown Entertainment, Iversen’s Bakery, Massage for Your Health, Shanti Yoga, Gold Standard Massage Clinic, Capri Italian Bakery, McDonald’s, Dollar General, and Jim Provencal.

The events included  raffles in APL and MCH, a group poem in DIT, and a whole lot of free food.

-Jennifer Choate, Communication Coordinator

APL Student Thanksgiving Meal

At the end of November, staff and faculty in the Academy of Public Leadership held a pre-Thanksgiving Meal for students. The day and event were focused around being thankful for family and recognizing the family we all are a part of in APL.

To ensure the success of the event and partner with the efforts to provide food to students, the City Year team reached out to enlist the support of local businesses. We were able to receive almost $170 in donations between Kroger’s very generously donation of eight turkeys and US Quality Super Market’s provision of four cases of water.

During the event we were all able to work together to serve food and enjoy the community atmosphere. Overall, the meal and afternoon activities allowed everyone to move into the break on a positive note.

-Sarah Emeritz, Team Leader, Outreach Coordinator

50 Acts of Leadership Kickoff

On December 13th our corps members gathered their behavior focus lists students for the 50 Acts of Leadership kickoff event. The students arrived in the cafeteria at 2:10 where they sat with their groups and quickly began to develop a group identity.  This was apparent in that students made cheering on their respective corps member leader a competition. This kind of group identity and pride showed promise in forming relationships to help ensure that each student was invested in the socio-emotional skill developing program.

The first activity was a discussion about what a leader was. The collective took part in this discussion and was facilitated in part by student volunteers. Next, the groups broke off into their individual teams where students and corps members collaborated on their team’s goals and expectations for 50 Acts of Leadership. Some examples of goals were to hold each other accountable, to help each other become leaders, lower suspension rates, and an expectation of mutual respect.  And there were snacks too. The event provided a bag of Better Made Potato Chips and Timbits Donut Holes for each smaller team.

Overall the event was reported as a success.

 -Jennifer Choate, Communications Coordinator


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