Partnerships at Cody Highschool

At Cody High School City Year partners with both Deloitte and United Way.

Deloitte is our team sponsor. As our sponsor Deloitte provides much needed funds so that our team can be in Cody High School. Deloitte also provides training to the City Year Detroit as a whole and mentors the Team Leaders. Occasionally Deloitte also provide training space to the corps. We thank them most sincerely for helping us make better happen.

United Way works with our team and on their own initiatives within the school to boost attendance and understanding of core subjects. One program that City Year Corps Members have worked with is the Inside Out program which publishes student poems.

While Team Cody’s primary partners in Cody are United Way and Deloitte, partnerships are not limited to these two programs. Cody High School has also partnered with Starbucks, Chalkfly, and Wayne State to name a few.

On Teacher Partnership: Jimmy Johnson

City Year Corps Members are not teachers. Only a few of us at City Year Detroit have teaching certificates or even studied education as undergraduates. Many of us are using this year of service to gain experience en route to becoming a teacher, but many more simply wanted to serve a community. For these reasons, our relationships with the teachers to whom we have been assigned are incredibly important. We know we don’t have the training and experience needed to lead a classroom of young minds and manage the added expectations coming from the school administration. We are helpers, and we are ok with that.

Some of the training we received in the summer addressed maintaining effective teacher partnerships once we got in school. As a Corps Member, I strive to positively and effectively communicate with my teachers about the students with whom I spend most of my time. We talk about lesson plans for the week and how I can best be used to assist both those students as well as the whole class. Normally, Corps Members are assigned to one classroom and therefore have considerably more time to meet and plan with their teachers. However, our format of following a cohort between classes makes this more difficult. Most of my meetings with teachers happen before or during class. On the other hand, the cohort model allows me to really connect with students, which I believe is in turn valuable to my relationship with the teachers. Though our roles may be different, we share their passion for working with and improving the minds of the students. In this likeness, we #makebetterhappen.

-Jimmy Johnson, Literacy Coordinator

On Teacher Partnership: Chrissy Starzyk and Ms. Mac

One important part of our service as a corps member with City Year Detroit is establishing a working relationship with our partner teacher. One of the teachers I am partnered with this year is Ms. Mac. I work with Ms. Mac in both of her ninth grade Algebra-1 classes. My role in the classroom is to provide whole classroom support and also work with a specific group of students who need a little extra help.

Ms. Mac and I have a solid partnership and work very well together in the classroom. While she is giving her daily lesson, I’m often writing down her notes to model good classroom behavior. When she gives classwork out, both she and I are usually running around the room helping out students who have questions. One of our goals is to scaffold skills needed to be successful in the class. Sometimes this even means stopping the lesson to work on fundamental math skills. We both want our students to do well and understand the material, so we do whatever needs to be done to ensure that.

-Chrissy Starzyk, Behavior Co-Coordinator

Corps Member Partnership Prospective: Adrienne Cocci

This year, I have been able to partner with C2 Pipeline through Wayne State University. As many of you know, C2 Pipeline is a college and career readiness program that runs after school. City Year comes in Mondays and Thursdays during the homework help hour. During this time I work with all grade levels in a variety of subjects. It has even allowed me to brush up on my Spanish!  One student that has been working especially hard at C2 Pipeline is Angelise Black, a senior at MCH. Every time she comes to C2 she is ready to get to work on math. If she does not have any math homework to go over, we start working on ACT problems. Keep up the good work!

I am also happy to announce that City Year will be partnering with the Detroit Food Academy which has an after school program on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons. I am very passionate about teaching students about food justice and am excited for this partnership to start. I will be attending the Wednesday sessions and helping students with their cooking and their project which will include making a product and coming up with a business model to start it.


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