About Cody High School

Cody High School

The Cody Complex is home to three schools which provides services to the Rouge River area. The three schools within the complex are the Academy of Public Leadership, the Detroit Institute of Technology, and the Medicine and Community Health Academy. They are independent schools and each school has its own area of focus, administration, teachers, etc., all operating within the same building located at 18445 Cathedral Street on Detroit’s west side. Cody’s small schools model operates under the theory that with smaller schools the students will benefit from the environment a smaller school brings.

City Year has been in the Cody Complex since the 2009-2010 academic year. Since City Year has been involved in volunteering in the community and working on helping students in the “ABC’s” (attendance, behavior, and course work) of school. Community involvement includes, but is not limited to, service projects in the area and volunteering at the local rec center, Don Bosco.

apl 3

Cody- APL

Academy of Public Leadership



Detroit Institute of Technology College Prep High School



Medicine and Community Health Academy


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