More New Content from Team Cody

In front of the DPS float

Team Cody in front of the DPS float at the Parade Company

Hello! Team Cody has uploaded new content.

There are two new articles about partnering with teacher in their classrooms from Corps Members Chrissy Starzyk and Jimmy Johnson. You can find their thoughts on the subject on the partnerships page.

The math and attendance pages also have new content. Attendance Co-Coordinators, Stacy Starr and Heather Bishop wrote about how they put together an attendance VIP lounge for the students of Cody High School.

On the math page Adrienne Cocci wrote about a new learning tool she created. She put together lessons for every 9th grade math subject in a binder that every team member has access to.

But what is probably the most exciting new addition to our team’s page is our “Day in the Life” page. This page will contain the more personal stories from Team Cody’s year of service. The first story was written by one of our Behavior Co-Coordinators, Evette Dziedzic. Evette wrote about building relationships with students, one of the most important aspects of our job here as corps members.


School Team Pages

Team Cody at Opening Day

Team Cody at Opening Day

City Year Detroit is trying something new on our Blog!

Team Cody has been working hard to put together their own wing of this website. As a reader, if you glance at thenavigation bar you will notice there is now a “School Teams” tab. If you click on it, or hover over it, you will notice a list of school teams. If you were to go one step further and click on Cody High School’s link you will notice a home page for Team Cody’s own page. This is where Team Cody will be uploading and sharing stories about their service in City Year.

Team Cody would like to invite readers to check out their pages. These pages include short bios about all the team members, blogs written by the members about service events, their day to day activities in school, and their various projects they have been working on.

There is always something new going on so Team Cody will be updating rather frequently. Keep an eye out for new content.

Team Cody hopes you enjoy all the new content and encourages you to comment. They would like to hear from you!

This is just another way to share how we make better happen and we hope you enjoy it.

-Jennifer Choate, Corps Member, Communication Coordinator at Cody High School