6 Current CM’s have a chance to Challenge Detroit!

City Year Detroit needs your help! We have 6 current corps members who have made it to the next round of the Challenge Detroit competition, you can vote for more than one person, they can’t make it to the interview with our extra push, Voting is now open until April 7 and must be done on a computer (NOT a mobile device).  Each Facebook user can only vote once per semi-finalist and all votes must be cast through the voting platform; wall posts will not count.

Charles P. Ashley – https://toptabapp.com/e/2op4?p=r5

Kate Mulhern – https://toptabapp.com/e/2oom?p=r5

Paul Sandy – https://toptabapp.com/e/2opv?p=r5

April Newberry – https://toptabapp.com/e/2oov?p=r5

Ben Newton – https://toptabapp.com/e/2oqw?p=r5

Melissa Ponce – http://toptabapp.com/e/2ore


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