CYD service at The Parade Co.

St. Nick cruising down Woodward is one sure sign that the holidays are here! The Parade Co. is responsible for coordinating epic events in Michigan, including the Thanksgiving Day Parade and the Independence Day Fireworks.

The Parade Co. was founded over 75 years ago, to spread holiday spirit and community enthusiasm. There is a volunteer corps of over 1500 who help stage the events. Other fundraisers and outreach events include Hob Nobble Gobble, a black-tie fundraising event; the International Freedom Festival, a celebration of Canadian and American friendship; the 1997, 1998, 2002 & 2008 Red Wings Victory Parades; The 1998 University of Michigan Rose Bowl Victory Parade; the 1999 Big Balloon Parade staged in Green Bay, Wisconsin; and The Parade Company assisted Australia with their Centenary of Federation Parade on January 1, 2001.

City Year had the opportunity to do service this year at the Parade Co. !

Corps members of the Phoenix team assisted in preparing the floats for the holiday season

Thanks to the Parade Co., Team Phoenix, and the volunteers who helped to design and build the floats, this year’s celebrations were a huge success!



Written by Sheariah Howard


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