give a year Scholarships Give Alums a Boost as they Head #Back2School

City Year’s Online Career Center aims to connect corps members and alumni to scholarships, resources, and opportunities with colleges, universities, and employers to support career development and life-long learning. Through give a year Partnerships, City Year alumni are provided the opportunity to earn exclusive scholarships from colleges and universities in recognition of the student’s commitment to service.

Our more than 65 partner schools waive the application fee for alums, who are eligible for between 25% and 100% tuition scholarships at the graduate and undergraduate level. More than $2.7 million in total scholarships are available for current corps members, alumni and staff.

Below are responses from three give a year Scholars who are leveraging their City Year experience to further their own education and show that they truly are leaders for life.

Q: Where and what will you be studying? Why did you decide to choose that major?

Dan: I am studying elementary education at Wheelock College in Boston. I decided on that major because I plan to work in elementary schools as a teacher or guidance counselor.

Evetty: I am studying at The Brown School of Social Work at Washington University in St. Louis. Honestly, I had never thought about social work until a representative from the school came to speak to our corps.  I shared my acceptance news with my mother and she told me she was a Social Worker for 9 years. Like mother like daughter I guess!

Jake: I am studying at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education for elementary education.  I chose this program because I thought that it was the best fit for my educational background, ethos and aspirations.  Particularly I was drawn to the program’s focus on inquiry and academic and experiential learning related to “urban” education. I was also very excited to be a part of the larger communities of GSE and Penn which are both rich with exciting resources and top notch work related to understanding and creating innovative educational opportunities.

Q: What are your career aspirations?

Dan: I hope to become an elementary school teacher. I am still deciding which grade I would ultimately like to teach; it’s a toss up between first and fifth grade. I would also really like to work with high schoolers somehow; maybe as a coach or leading an outdoors club.

Evetty: I want to retire from being a Professor at a Historically Black College or University. While teaching there, I plan to have an initiative that focuses on retention rate with the freshman class.

Jake: My career aspiration is to be a teacher in an elementary classroom.  In doing so, I plan to manifest my commitment to social justice by providing enriching, caring, and creative educational opportunities for communities that have been systematically stripped of those rights.

Q: How has your City Year experience impacted your decisions for your future? Can you pinpoint skills or abilities you can attribute to your City Year experience?

Dan: City Year has directly influenced my plans for the future. The give a year Scholarship aside, my experience at City Year showed me what I was capable of doing with my future. I came away from City Year with new confidence in how I interact with other people and in the positive change I can make.

Evetty: Working in classrooms with City Year made me realize that I am more interested in developing character and civic responsibilities than academics. I also thought I was experienced with working with a diverse team, but City Year definitely proved me wrong. City Year helped me understand and appreciate the different opinions that everyone has.

Jake: My experience with City Year was directly in line with my decision to work in education and attend Penn. The two programs share a clear connection in a commitment to work with historically oppressed communities, but also to do so by mobilizing social, political and educational resources.  I was attracted to the Teacher Education Program’s cohort model and the opportunity to learn and grow alongside a group of my ambitious and like minded peers, much like the experience of serving with a team of corps members in City Year.

Q: What advice do you have for corps members who are currently serving that may be considering going back to school?

Dan: Go for it. Your time spent at City Year can show what you want to do and/or what you don’t want to do. Either way, you come out with new direction and purpose on the path you want to take.

Evetty: DO IT!!! Never in a million years would I have thought I would attend the top ranked school in the Nation for a MSW! City Year made that option possible, with a extra bonus of a 25K scholarship! With faith and hard work, ALL things are possible!

Jake: I would advise current corps members to mobilize not only the skills and ideology learned in City Year, but also take full advantage of future financial opportunities like the give a year Scholarships that exist.

We wish Dan, Evetty, Jake and all of our alumni heading back to school the best of luck. If you would like to learn more about give a year Partnerships head over to our alumni website . If you would like to learn how schools can become give a year Partners, please contact Nan Shearer.


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