A Message from @MBrownCY, CEO & Co-Founder: The Power of @AmeriCorps

On Friday, the White House celebrated the power of AmeriCorps and honored 12 remarkable AmeriCorps alumni who “have leveraged their national service experience to become influential in their careers and leaders in their communities.”

We are very proud that City Year AmeriCorps alum Seth Marbin, who served with City Year Seattle, is among today’s honorees. As a Program Manager on Google’s Social Responsibility Team, Seth helps encourage and enable employees to use their skills, talents and resources to have an extraordinary impact on the world through service and philanthropy.

Seth and his fellow “Champions of Change” represent 775,000 young servant-leaders who have served in AmeriCorps since its inception. They epitomize the genius of AmeriCorps: they change lives through their service, including their own.

There is overwhelming evidence that national service programs like City Year, and the other programs supported through AmeriCorps, are vital to our communities and to the health and strength of our economy. Yet, the House Appropriations Committee voted recently to cut funding completely for AmeriCorps and other critical national service programs.

As this recent report from Voices for National Service demonstrates, national service programs like City Year not only benefit the communities they serve, but also have a lasting impact on the AmeriCorps members themselves. Our private-sector partners tell us that those who dedicate a year or more to service bring a set of skills and attitudes that make them appealing candidates for hiring managers, and colleges and universities are offering millions of dollars in “give a year” scholarships to bring more City Year AmeriCorps alumni to their campuses.

Seth Marbin declared his time with City Year “one of the key inflection points in my life.”

Why would we eliminate these opportunities?

Young people are asking to serve in AmeriCorps in record numbers: last year the Corporation for National and Community Service, which operates AmeriCorps, received 582,000 applications for just 80,000 AmeriCorps spots.

The country needs to say yes to these young people.  Our current economic situation demands a larger investment in low-cost, high-impact solutions – for both meeting community needs and providing pathways to employment for young adults – that AmeriCorps can uniquely provide.

National service is not just nice – it’s necessary. And it should be growing, not cut.

Many of our nation’s leaders do not know that AmeriCorps powers cost-effective, proven change in the communities they represent.  Our goal is to help them understand the powerful force that City Year AmeriCorps corps members represent for students and schools, and the vital role that other AmeriCorps programs are playing in meeting needs nationwide.

We need your help.

We hope you will share with your networks and your elected leaders what City Year and other service programs mean to you, to your community, and to our country.

For more information on how you can help protect and grow AmeriCorps, please visit Voices for National Service.

Yours in service,



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