Recognizing Learner Needs

This guest post is written by Phil Black, Content Coordinator on the Summer Academy Team.

Prior to joining City Year Detroit as a program manager in July of 2010, I worked in the Wireless Sales industry for nearly eight years. Most of my career was spent in Learning and Development where I held positions ranging from market/site field trainer to the National Sales Trainer for the Southeastern Region of the US.
I am most excited about joining the academy team because it has afforded me the opportunity to impact the organization in the area I am most passionate in – the Learning and Development of others.
In Learning and Development, we recognize the importance of fulfilling “Learner Needs.” We do this through the deliberate use of Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. This theory asserts that we as humans have both basic and high level needs that must be met to maximize our interactions and learning experiences.
There are five levels, which include:
Physiological: The essential needs of all people (e.g. air, food, water, etc.).
Safety: The concern for danger free, inclusive and stimulating environment.
Social: The desire to feel connected to others.
Esteem: The need to be appreciated for our individuality and personal experiences.
Self-Actualization: The peak level, were we take ownership of our own experiences to enhance our development.
As the 2012 Summer Academy Team, we are fully committed to ensuring that all of your Learner Needs are met, both inside and outside of the classroom.
With that said, I really look forward to meeting and working with you this summer.
In the mean time, just in case you’ve ever had an interest in training, facilitation or course design, let me leave you with four quick tips.:
#1: Less is more, so keep it simple.
#2: Repetition is king.
#3: Continuity is key.
#4: Shift gears when necessary.
See you in Boston!

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