‘When Everything Clicks’: An incoming corps member excited to begin her journey

Taryn wore her City Year patch to her graduation from St. John’s University.

This guest post is by Taryn Glynn, an incoming corps member who will be serving with City Year New York.

I remember the day that four City Year corps members arrived at the office where I was working. They were all dressed in khakis and red vests, and I recognized the logo from a service fair I had attended at St. John’s University a few weeks prior. One of the girls was an alumnus of St. John’s that I had known back in my freshman year.It was one of those strange moments when you feel like life is trying to tell you something. I was entering my senior year of college and I didn’t quite know what I was supposed to do next. City Year seemed to answer that question.

I went home that night and must have watched every Youtube video City Year ever made. I read the website, surfed the blog, read (and reread) the Founding Stories. By the next morning, I knew exactly where I wanted to be this time next year. And now, one year later – here I am.

For me, City Year was a chance to do something. I was at St. John’s pursuing an education degree, so not only was I familiar with the issues surrounding education nationally, but I was quite familiar with the education system in New York City. I had seen the closing down and reopening of a failing school. I had heard from those students and walked with those teachers. City Year was an opportunity to be a part of the change and to truly have a first-hand impact on students’ lives.

The City Year mission spoke to me in a simple, straight-forward way: to give every student the chance to succeed. I wanted to take the challenge of that mission on. Plus, City Year would give me experiences that would inevitably benefit me for my future as a teacher in New York City. The interactions I have during City Year will help to develop my personal mission to become a teacher and impact the way I teach and interact with my own students when I have a classroom of my own.

Now that I’m about to begin my City Year, I cannot wait to be introduced to my teammates. City Year brings together an incredibly diverse and unique group of people – who wouldn’t be thrilled to be a part of that team? More importantly, I’m excited for that first moment of success; when the light goes on and everything we’re working on clicks for one of my students. That moment will live with me forever.

I am excited because I will only have so many chances in my life to be a part of something like this. Because I want to help these students achieve. Because I want to serve. I want to be the chance that these students deserve.


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