City Year South Africa: Celebrating a New Year of Service

Today marks the Opening Day celebration for our brothers and sisters serving in Johannesburg, South Africa. This year, 120 City Year South Africa service leaders will be serving in 10 primary schools, delivering important afterschool programs and providing teacher support for math, literacy and life-orientation classes as well as engaging the larger community in physical service.

Since 2005, City Year South Africa service leaders have spent nearly 950,000 hours changing lives in and around Johannesburg.

Check out a video of the 2012-2013 City Year South Africa corps singing their national anthem:

Here are some of the key achievements that service leaders in City Year South Africa have accomplished since 2005:

  • 10, 828 children have had access to after school programming
  • 1, 236 service leaders have completed the program where thy not only provided vital services to the community, but also completed more than  923,000 hours of leadership and skills development training
  • 37 service days have been completed, revitalizing the community

We are proud to have City Year South Africa as part of our global community of service! Wish them a happy Opening Day by Tweeting to them @CityYearSoA or posting on the City Year Facebook Page!


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