Links We Like: Math Awareness Month

Every April the United States recognizes the importance of mathematics in our everyday lives by celebrating Mathematics Awareness Month. City Year will join the American Mathematical Society and other organizations to recognize that mathematics isn’t just a class we take in school, but is a way of thinking a problem-solving that will help lead to long-term success for all students.

If you are looking for fun, innovative ways to increase students awareness of mathematics, during the school day and in their everyday lives, check out these fun links!

  • Math Awareness -N’Count – A video project encouraging students and adults to count to one million to raise awareness for the importance of math education in the United States.  Currently they have videos of students, adults and public officials counting 10, 100 and even 400 numbers.  The count is still going on… currently participants have counted up to 692,025!
  • Get the Math – A media project designed for middle and high school students to develop algebraic thinking and help students see the importance of mathematical thinking in music, video games, and fashion.  Check out the videos to learn how the artist use math in their work and take a challenge!
  • We Use Math – This site gives great information about a multitude of careers (some surprising) that require a knowledge of mathematics as well as fun facts, new discoveries in math, and examples of math in “real life”.
  • Khan Academy – The Khan Academy provides a free virtual library of math tutorial videos on everything from arithmetic to calculus.  You can search the site for a specific math topic for a one-time review or customize your own learning tool with practice problems and real-time data reports.

This edition of Links We Like was brought to you by Melissa Rowker, National Manager of Math Initiatives at City Year HQ


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