Links we Like: Reading Activities for the Winter Break

Winter Break can be a great opportunity to send fun literacy-related activities home with students.  If you’re looking for some ideas, we’ve got some great options for you!

All of the activities listed are free, although some require a sign-in, and can be done online, either at home or at a local library. The sites and activities listed are not only fun and interactive, but they also reinforce many of the literacy skills that we work to improve during school.

  • Storybird: Create your own illustrated books online! You can work independently or collaborate with others online to create a story. The variety of illustrations available will appeal to students of all ages, and will encourage creative story-telling. Students who log-in can even save and publish the story for others to read.
  • Visuwords: Discover word meanings with a fun, interactive interface! An Online Graphical Dictionary where you can search for a word and see definitions, synonyms, antonyms , and other connections all with an awesome interactive interface. Try typing in words with multiple meanings to really see its abilities!
  • Audioboo: Create and share audio recordings! Students can use this site to record themselves reading, or they can create a performance that can then be stored and shared with others. This site can easily sync with other social networking sites.
  •  Create and print your own comic strip! Students can map out story lines by choosing the number of panels they would like to create, which characters they would like to use, and what dialogue they would like to include.

By Jamie Fisher, Online Literacy Content Specialist at City Year HQ


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