That Moment by Jessica Meyer

that moment

the moment when you’re confronted with the past

yet don’t wanna stop thinking about the future

you’re visionary mind can’t keep up with the catching up to the present

your brain slows, your attention span shortens, and you’re just tryin to survive the moment

that moment

the one where you wanna be one step closer or two steps back

close enough to kiss his forehead when he comes in from the night

close enough to call him over for dinner instead of going out with the family in the hood

close enough to serve and protect with love and warmth

but you weren’t and you aren’t

so you take a second look around

canvassing for room to back up

so you don’t have to hear what’s already being said

so you don’t have to put faces to names and pain to data

a documentary playin in your mind with sympathetic feelings oozing from every pore

never quite reaching the empathy you claim to want yet willingly ignore

while you’re getting flustered and frightened wondering when he’s gonna stop talking

cause you know he is

and look up at you with his big brown eyes

testing himself to see if he can read you

and testing you to see if you’re gonna be like every other person that claimed to care

every other person that’s stripped his heart bare

you come back to this moment

this moment

when it’s just you and him, me and you

two people trying to survive in this world

a world where the concept of right and wrong is skewed

and everyday is a struggle trying to decide what to choose

you open your mouth without needing to search

your words come out smooth and honest like you already know what lies ahead

a moment of silence

an understanding silence that no matter what happens you’ll remember each other

a memory that bonds a son and a mother

that moment

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