Addressing bullying in our schools

Bullying hits home for many of us.

In fact, more than 75% of sixth graders report being bullied at some point in their lives. Those of us who have experienced bullying understand what a frightening and isolating experience it can be.

But did you know that students who bully are at greater risk of experiencing social challenges including loneliness; trouble making friends; and involvement in problem behaviors in and out of school?

As corps members in schools, we have the unique opportunity to work with students in bullying “hot zones” like the lunch rooms, hallways, before school, recess and afterschool.

October is National Bullying Prevention Month and as the month nears its end, let’s continue the charge to address bullying in our schools!


  • Bullying is reportedly more prevalent among middle school males  (Bullying Behaviors Among US Youth, Journal of the American Medical Association, 2001)
  • Bullying generally begins in the elementary grades, peaks in the sixth through eighth grades, and persists into high school (Addressing the Problem of Juvenile Bullying, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, 2001)


Report Out

Many teams across the City Year network are collaborating with school and external partners to address bullying through school and corps initiatives.

  • City Year San Jose/Silicon Valley’s Applied Materials Team serving at Lee Mathson Middle School gave a presentation to address the issue of bullying on campus.
  • City Year Boston’s Westfield Capital Management Team serving at Neighborhood House Charter School held an anti-bullying week that included a poster campaign, integrating discussions and activities into extension time and a school wide town hall meeting.
  • City Year Philadelphia engages in Project Safe Zone. The mission of Project Safe Zone (PSZ) is to create safe spaces and cultivate allies who have the courage, awareness and leadership skills to powerfully ensure the full inclusion of and respect for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, queer and questioning people at City Year Greater Philadelphia and in our communities.

Post by Bethiel Girma, National Manager of Behavior Initiatives


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