Who are we? We are @CityYear #iamCY

Today is a really exciting day for us, and a day that we know our early applicants have been eagerly awaiting… Notification Day!

They may not begin serving until next fall, but today we will welcome our next batch of corps members into our community. The best way to welcome someone into a new community is to simply introduce yourself and to share in their excitement!

All week, our corps, staff and alums have been tweeting tidbits about themselves with the hashtag #iamCY

Today, we are thrilled to invite our accepted corps members to join us in the conversation and tell us a little something about themselves. It could be that you are a senior in college, that your favorite sport is soccer or that you are really, really excited about changing the world. Just remember to use the hashtag #iamCY!

Not a Twitter user? Get in on the action on Facebook! We have provided three profile badges that we are encouraging people to use to show their support for City Year:

Congratulations to our newly accepted corps members! We look forward to having you with us next year.

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