#ThankfulThursday: @Timberland_Jeff and Timberland

For over two decades, City Year and Timberland have shared a remarkable partnership founded on a shared vision for our country and deep belief in the power of young people to change communities and lives.  Timberland was one of our founding national partners and helped architect our approach to symbiotic, valued-aligned relationships.  Jeff Swartz, the company’s CEO, described our partnership as boundarylessness and for decades — Presidents, academics, industry colleagues, the media, and business and community leaders cited “Timberland/City Year” as the gold standard of private-public engagement.

Recently, Jeff and his family transferred ownership of Timberland to VF, an international holding company of global premium brands.  To mark this transition and to celebrate the legacy of Jeff’s vision and his family’s inspirational stewardship of this extraordinary company, employees and partners convened for a two day gathering called: Boot. Brand.Belief. Be.

Through service, testimonial, community building and celebration, Timberland’s values and leadership as global corporate citizenship was reflected upon and appreciated.

City Year was honored to join leaders like President Bill Clinton, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, Pepsi CEO Indra Nooyi, actor Don Cheadle, and leaders like Bill Shore, Geoff Canada, and Robert Lewis, Jr. to reflect upon Jeff’s vision and Timberland’s impact.

In addition to leading service and playing a central role in every event, City Year created a “thank you” video tribute.  This video, produced by Jennifer Cogswell in partnership with Charlie Rose and staff alum Carolyn Casey, opened Jeff’s final Town Meeting with 700 employees, special guests, and Swartz family members.  This video would not have been possible without the support of Michael Brown and every corps and staff who graciously shared their testimonials.

At the heart of this video is the extraordinary impact led by corps and staff because of the faith and belief of Timberland — and all of our partners.  We are indebted to the diverse community of stakeholders — in community, schools, AmeriCorps, elected office, the private sector and most of all, our families — who allow us to do The Work.


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