Faces of Change #iamCYFaces of Change #iamCY

Have you every wondered, who is City Year? Most of the time you’ll get the same answer – that we are an education based non-profit organization that works in schools to tutor and mentor students to keep them in school and on track to graduate from high school.

But who we are is really who we are made up of. The heart and soul of our organization comes from the excitement and idealism of our most important asset… our diverse corps members.


Now that you know more about the demographics of the corps, we want to give you the chance to meet them individually!

We asked our corps members to send in a photo of themselves taken on their City Year distributed Samsung Smiley cell phone, which were graciously donated by Samsung with service provided by T-Mobile, who are both National Leadership In-Kind Sponsors.

In addition to taking a self portait, corps members were asked to tell us what they are most excited about for this year. All of these photos are being compiled onto a website which we have called CY Faces of Change.

We have just started receiving photos from corps members from all across the country including Boston, Denver and Detroit! Check it out and be sure to visit again soon to see more and more of the young people who are making a difference in the lives of students all across the country.

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