Links We Like: Taking a Stand Against Bullying

According to the National Crime Prevention Council, every day 160,000 kids miss school because they’re scared of bullying.

Knowing that poor attendance is one of the factors that prevents students from graduating from high school, we have the responsibility of making sure our students feel safe and secure when they make the right decision to regularly attend school.

We can do this if we are aware of bullying and take the necessary actions to prevent it.

Get Informed

  • CBS recently aired a 48 Hours special entitled “Bullying: Words Can Kill” in which they followed several students from Birchwood Middle School in Providence, RI for six months to tell their stories and to delve into the school’s efforts to combat bullying.
  • This fall, Anderson Cooper is airing an investigation on bullying on AC360. Check out a behind the scenes video about the project.

Get Involved

  • After a number of tragic suicides by LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered and queer) students who were bullied in school, Dan Savage launched the It Gets Better Project in September of 2010 as a way to reach out to youth and share a message of hope and compassion.
  • The Stop Bullying: Speak Up campaign in partnership with Anderson Cooper, Cartoon Network and Time, Inc. asks students and adults to take the pledge to raise awareness of the issue and to take an active stand against bullying. They even provide tips on how you can prevent bullying from happening in your school and community.

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