Back to School Month: The A, B, C’s of the Dropout Crisis

We already know that the dropout crisis is a serious issue.

But what could be causing it?

A breakthrough comprehensive study from Johns Hopkins University found that students who are most at risk of dropping out of school can be identified as early as middle school through key indicators – poor attendance, unsatisfactory behavior and course failure in math and English.

When just one of these off track indicators is exhibited by a child as early as the 6th grade, students have less than a 25% likelihood of graduating from high school.

The research also found that continuous support from trained and dedicated adults working as tutors, mentors, attendance monitors and problem-solvers works and helps students succeed.

Thanks to this study, we know the students who are most likely to drop out of school and what they need to succeed.

Each week this month, we will share a personal story from a City Year corps member or alum who had a positive impact on one of their students in either attendance, behavior or coursework in math and/or English.

Later in the month, we will share our data from the awesome work that our corps members did in schools this past year.

Infographic by Ginmann Bai

Courtesy of HQ


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