Back to School Month: The Dropout Crisis

courtesy of HQ

August is National Back to School Month, and that means City Year is gearing up to get our corps members back in schools where they will serve as tutors, mentors and role models in 22 different cities across the country, and in two international affiliate sites.

With the high school drop out crisis continuing to be a major issue in our nation, the service our corps members provide in schools matters more now than ever.

This month we will be discussing the dropout crisis and letting you know what we are doing about it. We will be sharing personal stories straight from City Year corps members and alums and presenting our data from this past year of service.

If you’d like to catch yourself up on some recent news about the dropout crisis, check out last week’s edition of Links We Like.

Later this week, we will be discussing the A, B, and C’s of fighting the dropout crisis.

Info graphic by Andy Dean, featured in the 2010 Annual Report & Donor Recognition Bo


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