A Starfish Room Starfish Story

Sometimes, we get so involved in the day to day service of ABC’s, we forget to pay attention to ourselves.  In today’s case, “ourselves” is our office.  Between Camp City Year and Ripples of Hope, our office, and especially the Starfish Computer Lab, became holding spaces for materials, left-overs and debris.

The Starfish Room, Before

The Starfish Room

Not much room to plan out lessons or think through service!

Corps member Heather Tait wrote the saga of our Starfish Room thusly:

Once upon a time, there was an extremely messy and disorganized computer room.  There were boxes everywhere and they were full of the most random items.  The danger of a clutter takeover was imminent.  The need for organization was clear. Who could take on such a massive and difficult task?

I just want to let everyone know that today, Hannah Barraw spent a very, very, VERY long time cleaning and organizing the Starfish Room.  If you remember how it looked before, you should be pleasantly surprised with the improvements she has made.   If you see Hannah, please take a moment to tell her how awesome she is and how much you appreciate her attention to detail and organizational skills. 🙂

Starfish Room, After

Starfish Room Organized!


Hannah, THANK YOU for this great Friday Service Project!  In addition to Hannah, the Camp City Year leadership team of

Ben Traun, Kiana Miller, Megan Domanski, Heather Nugen and Heather Tait took an active role in the project.

Enjoy service and thank you again for the great work!

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